Friday, October 16, 2009

Stars-Bruins Rematch

Yes I know that Steve Ott is hurt, and that Sean Avery is back in the Big Apple, but I think there will be some fire from the Stars for sure to avenge the loss from last season that started their downward spiral into an out-of-sync hockey club.

If you remember, after this game, which featured a combined 146 penalty minutes, Mike Modano, a generally quiet guy called out his team for turning the game into a circus. While I don't see a similar outcome happening this year, in terms of shenanigans, I think this will be a spirited game. If we are lucky Krys Barch will continue his best big bully impression by beefing with Milan Lucic. Barch has only dropped the gloves once this year, and it did not go well, but look for him to bounce back with a big bout. To his credit, Barch did take on Sheldon Souray (or Studly McWonderbomb if you have ever heard Daryl Reaugh call a Dallas - Edmonton game), who tossed him around a bit before they were seperated.

Anyway, look for the Stars top 6 to overwhelm the Bruins defense, and for Turco to continue the top form of play that he displayed on Wednesday against the predators. If the Bruins are going to break out of their early season funk, they are going to need to capitalize against the Stars shaky penalty kill, and limit the Stars forecheck by having Tim Thomas help move pucks out of the zone. While the Bruins power play may help keep them in the game, I dont think the Bruins are ready to handle the Stars forward pressure in their first road game, especially with the confidence that the Stars wingers have shown early one. My prediction is a 4-1 Stars victory.

Enjoy the game.

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You are a moron, the Bruins are SICK